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Creative minds are rarely tidy

Ma Rie
|the girl|
25. austria. student. mass media and communication science. sarcastic. sometimes lazy. photoshop. photography. music. painting. shopping. coffee. sushi. eating. sleeping.
|tv shows - ships|
nip/tuck. grey's anatomy. gilmore girls. charmed. roswell. buffy. growing pains. house md. scrubs. profiler. brothers&sisters. friends. er. bones. true blood. the big bang theory. modern family. HIMYM
♥ buffy/spike. luke/lorelai. piper/leo. phoebe/cole. maria/michael. booth/brennan. lexie/mark. carol/doug. eric/sookie. barney/robin. marshall/lily ♥
less than jake. fall out boy. dashboard confessional. the clash. green day. die ärzte. simple plan. good charlotte. don henley. system of a down.the all american rejects. the baseballs. hawk nelson